Cannabis Data and Tech Innovator, HedgeRow Analysis, Launches Dispensary Defender App

January 17, 2023

Tech Stack Saves a Day of Work Per Week

HedgeRow Analysis today launched Dispensary Defender, a tech stack to help companies more easily, quickly and profitably site new dispensaries and defend existing stores to save a full day of work per week. Dispensary Defender’s intuitive design combines millions of pieces of data from dozens of sites and data sets to inform demand, competitor analyses, compliance and setback screenings, road and foot traffic and much more.

Dispensary Defender will assist clients to:

  • Locate new stores
  • Move existing stores
  • Value M&A
  • Monitor competition
  • Optimize investment decisions
  • Enter newly legalized states
  • Target marketing strategy

“Dispensary Defender’s pioneer customers are making smarter, more profitable choices more quickly to say ahead of the competition,” said HedgeRow CEO and Co-Founder Matthew Walter. “Dispensary Defender creates a competitive edge through profit boosting innovation, helping our clients dominate their markets by finding and defending optimum locations.”
“Data-informed decision making and strategy formulation are required tools, but everyone in the cannabis industry has been burned by bad information at least once,” said HedgeRow Analysis Chief Data Officer and Co-Founder Stephen Balogh. “By reliably combining multiple data sources and streams with push button reports and presentation creation, Dispensary Defender prepares our clients for C suite decisions and key investor updates 24-7.”

Dispensary Defender replaces many tedious hours of searching multiple websites with one door access to information and reduces the time needed to make key decisions in a market renown for first mover advantages.
Dispensary Defender takes the innovations of HedgeRow Analysis’ premium consulting services and puts them at customers fingertips to make the most profitable decisions while saving time, money and reducing risk. The app’s pricing structure creates a level for every cannabis related business’ customized needs.

In addition to MSOs, SSOs and other retail cannabis businesses, Dispensary Defender is the perfect profit-optimizing tool for other market segments like private equity investors, M&A professionals, industry lawyers, consultants and real estate agents. These groups benefit from the industry-specific quantifications and easily exportable data. Dispensary Defender provides unique, valuable and accessible insights to validate investment assumptions and maximize investor returns

Dispensary Defender has the most comprehensive, up-to-date database of existing dispensary locations, and all data is reviewed, refreshed and verified on a regular basis.

“Stay tuned. Additional valuable features are already in development like plug-ins for news, commodity and publicly traded stock prices, competitor pricing, and more,” concluded Matt Walter.

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