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Creating state-specific, data-centered projections for business growth. Helping investors make more informed, successful, and profitable decisions about business intersections with the government.
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Combining data-driven insights with expert knowledge of complex regulatory systems, HedgeRow Analysis is your edge over the competition.

Government at all levels is overwhelmed trying to regulate innovative businesses in emerging sectors often impeding the transference of novel ideas, services, and products. This problem is further complicated by (1) uncertainty in new market spaces and (2) the thicket of contradictory regulations enacted at different levels of government.

How can innovators keep innovating under these conditions? HedgeRow Analysis provides data-driven, transparent insights to navigate complex regulatory systems and aid decision-making in emerging market spaces. Our quantitative expertise in adaptive scenario mapping and predictive modeling, combined with qualitative intel from an extensive network of political leader relationships, enables us to discover market advantages, reveal leverage points, and help clients avoid unintended consequences.

Personalized Research and Analysis Available

Work directly with our team of investment analysts, scientists, modelers, political consultants, communication experts, and risk analysts.
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Modeling and Scenario Building

Which states may be the next big investment opportunities? What would be the impact of federal legislation? How might changes in tax collection affect your business?
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