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Innovation is taking place in many sectors, including energy transitions, cannabis and crypto… for these and any business disrupting industries and creating new opportunities, we offer a rare and valuable combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify and mitigate risk while optimizing potential.

Helping the Cannabis industry optimize retail growth



The Dispensary Defender model is at the heart of our cannabis product and service portfolio. Our proprietary Cannabis Market Estimation by Location Tool combines both statistical and simulation modeling to help retailers and distributors expand their business, find their next real estate and development opportunities, and stay abreast of changes as the market evolves.

Our dashboard system identifies the hottest areas for development, provides information about local demand, competitors, changing populations in key demographics, and allows you to evaluate commercial properties as they hit the market. We also specialize in custom consulting to maximize data for your specific needs.

Energy Transition


The world is in the midst of its next big energy transition. The intensity, speed, and distribution of changes in the energy sector will be strongly influenced by upcoming legislative and regulatory changes at the federal level. However, since federal leadership has been an exception rather than the norm over the past decade or so, states and cities have taken the lead.

HedgeRow helps clients by quantifying their ESG impacts. HedgeRow's multidisciplinary, expert analysis empowers our clients to move forward with confidence in their investment or management decisions. We assess clients' strategies and their future risk using multi-objective optimization, probability mapping, and scenario modeling. Our data-driven approach and commitment to transparency yields clear, digestible information for clients and their stakeholders about their ability to achieve success in a rapidly changing environment.