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Dispensary Defender will assist clients to:

  • Locate new stores
  • Move existing stores
  • Value M&A
  • Monitor competition
  • Optimize investment decisions
  • Enter newly legalized states
  • Target marketing strategy

Why do YOU need Dispensary Defender?

Why do YOU need Dispensary Defender? 

Dispensary Defender takes the modeling and geospatial innovations of HedgeRow Analysis’ consulting services and provides them as an accessible tech stack that will help you site new dispensaries and defend existing ones.  Use Dispensary Defender to: 

  • Identify hotspots of mismatched supply and demand based on proximity to specific cannabis user populations and the reach of local competitors  
  • Screen potential locations for compliance with setbacks from sensitive areas, like schools, daycares, and places of worship 
  • Consider traffic patterns on any street of interest 
  • Identify nearby competitors 
  • Check for opt-out municipalities 
  • Visualize where your customers are coming from; i.e., obtain “travel-sheds” for any driving time, walking time, or distance of interest. 
  • Generate detailed demographics, population trends, and spending reports for those travel-shed areas 
  • Export infographics and maps 

Dispensary Defender enables cannabis retailers, MSOs, realtors, and investors to make informed, profitable decisions while saving time, money, and reducing risk.  The demand data is derived from our proprietary geospatial model, and it can’t be found anywhere else.  And our user-friendly compilation of competition, traffic, demographic, and regulatory data saves our clients a day of work per week! 

Interested in more information? Email us for a one-on-one consultation at [email protected] or check out our FAQ.