Matt and Steve join industry executives, CEOs and other top newsmakers featured on The Green Rush podcast.

December 6, 2022

In this episode, host Kris Krane connects with Matt and Steve to learn about their new tech stack, Dispensary Defender, which will save the average cannabis siting effort a full day of work per week by consolidating multiple information streams into a single, easy to use platform. They also discuss how HedgeRow is helping companies maximize profits, and their thoughts on pending legislation at the federal level.

The Green Rush podcast is about the business of Cannabis. Each week, hosts talk with newsmakers on the front lines who are building the legal cannabis market. From lawmakers and investment bankers, to CEOs and investors, and maybe even a celebrity or two, Lewis Goldberg and Anne Donohoe discuss how people are transforming cannabis from the shadows of the black market into a thriving U.S. industry.

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