Data Innovator HedgeRow Analysis Adds Energy Leaders to Advisory Board of Multi-Industry Experts

May 25, 2022
HedgeRow names David Murphy, PhD, Braulio A. Quintero, PhD

HedgeRow Analysis, the innovator that provides data-driven, transparent insights to navigate complex regulatory systems and help companies grow in emerging market spaces, today announced new additions to their Board of Advisors. Joining HedgeRow’s team of data, government affairs, environmental and cannabis experts are David Murphy, PhD and Braulio Quintero, PhD. They join formerly announced advisors Kris Krane, Mark Passerini and Shea Gunther. David Murphy and Braulio Quintero will help guide HedgeRow as they expand their offerings for energy transition clients looking to measure their ESG impacts.

“Customers and shareholders continue to recognize the importance of quantitative proof of their own environmental impact when supporting businesses, so there is no better time for companies to invest in data-mapping to give transparent benchmarks on environmental goals,” said Steve Balogh, HedgeRow Co-Founder and Chief Data Modeler. “We’re thrilled to continue to innovate and expand our offerings to support multi-industry data needs and there are no better partners to help us do that than David Murphy and Braulio Quintero.”

“HedgeRow adds state specific, industry needed, data rich mapping and modeling to emerging markets and our mapping can be tailored to help measure environmental impacts for an energy transition client by using our proprietary data projections. This way shareholders, investors or consumers have clear, data-backed proof of a company’s strides towards increased efficiency, energy transition and environmental impact goals,” said HedgeRow Co-Founder and CEO Matt Walter. “We are thrilled that Dr. Murphy, and Dr. Quintero will lend their depth of knowledge and experience to our rapidly growing company so together we can bring our projection mapping to companies looking to change the face of their industries forever.”

HedgeRow helps clients by quantifying their ESG (environmental, social, and governance practices) impacts. HedgeRow’s multidisciplinary, expert analysis assesses clients’ strategies and their future risk using multi-objective optimization, probability mapping, and scenario modeling. This data-driven approach and commitment to transparency yields clear, digestible information for clients and their stakeholders about their ability to achieve success in a rapidly changing environment.

Dr. David Murphy said “HedgeRow’s quantitative expertise in adaptive scenario mapping and predictive modeling, combined with qualitative intel from an extensive network of political leader relationships helps companies who want to stay competitive. I’m thrilled to lend my expertise in the energy transition space to help smart companies work even smarter.”

Dr. Braulio A. Quintero said “Companies are getting smarter and smarter by looking for innovative ways to lessen their environmental impact. What HedgeRow does so well is provide clear, tangible data points these companies can share with their investors, customers and the community to validate their commitment to energy independence. I look forward to helping guide HedgeRow into this growing marketplace to provide industry leadership on this important topic.”

HedgeRow’s custom analysis collects, manipulates and analyzes millions of data points for clients looking to be a step ahead of the competition. In the energy transition space, the intensity, speed, and distribution of change continues to be strongly influenced by legislative and regulatory changes at the state and federal level. HedgeRow helps investors and companies stay on top of real-time developments through a combination of quantitative and qualitative data-collection and analysis, to help clients look to the future using probability mapping and bolster their decision-making capabilities. This multi-disciplinary, expert analysis empowers companies to move forward with confidence in their investment or management decisions.


David Murphy Dr. David Murphy is an environmental scientist who focuses on the intersection of energy, economics and the environment. His has published widely in the academic literature on net energy analysis, biophysical economics and the energy transition. Most recently Dr. Murphy analyzed the impact that current renewable energy policies in New York State may have on greenhouse gas emissions and the energy return on investment of the electrical grid system. He has also been featured on a number of episodes of the podcast The Energy Transition Show with Chris Nelder, and has published widely in the popular press (USA Today, The Hill, Philadelphia Inquirer, and MarketWatch).

Dr. Braulio A. Quintero
Braulio has a doctoral degree in Environmental Science from the State University of New York. His dissertation research is focused on energy economics. At ISER Braulio has worked in multiple ecological restoration and green infrastructure development projects. He is currently working in establishing a Water and Climate Change Lab. In his spare time, Braulio loves to garden and surf.

Kris Krane is CEO and Principal of Kranewreck Enterprises, where he works as an independent consultant to the cannabis industry.  Recently, Kris joined the New York based public relations/investor relations firm KCSA Strategic Communications on a part-time basis, where he serves as Director of Cannabis Development and head of the Chicago office for the cannabis division of the company.  Kris is also a principal owner and President of Anderson Leonard Pharmaceuticals, a licensed cultivator, producer, and exporter located in the Republic of North Macedonia.  In addition to this work, Kris serves as an expert witness on the cannabis industry in litigation and arbitration disputes between cannabis businesses.

From 2011 through 2021, Kris served as the Founder and President of 4Front Ventures,  a cannabis company designed for long-term success and built upon battle-tested operating capabilities at scale, experienced and committed leadership, a strategic asset base, and a commitment to being a magnet for talent.  4Front is recognized as one of the leading Multi State Operators in the legal cannabis industry, operating cannabis dispensaries, cultivation and production facilities across the United States.

Prior to forming 4Front, Kris served as Director of Client Services for Cannbe, where he helped develop many of the best practices that have become the backbone of 4Front Advisors’ operations. Kris has dedicated his career to reforming the nation’s failed drug policies, having served as associate director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws from 2000-2005 and executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy from 2006-2009.

Mark Passerini – With almost 30 years of experience in all aspects of marketing, sales and sales management in a variety of industries including renewable and energy efficient technologies, Mark is the co-founder of the Om of Medicine, the longest continually operating dispensary East of the Mississippi River. He founded the Ann Arbor Medical Cannabis Guild which he served as president for its first two years, served as the government liaison for the Michigan chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), and was the Founding President of the Illinois Cannabis Industry Association (ILCIA).  Currently, he is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association (MiCIA) and the Chairman of the Board for the Redemption Foundation.

Mark was instrumental in crafting local licensing and zoning ordinances with the City of Ann Arbor and is currently working with various state legislators to further clarify existing Michigan laws to ensure patient access. He was an early member of the ArcView group, a private cannabis investment and market research firm. Mark had the honor of organizing and emceeing Hash Bash, the nation’s longest running cannabis reform rally between 2013-2019 and is often invited to speak at numerous industry events on the topic of responsible dispensary operations. He has made it his mission to reverse the numerous injustices that the prohibition on cannabis has led to. His interest in the cannabis sector stems from not only his love for the plant but also from his passion for the promise of a natural, holistic alternative.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys travel as a medium to learn and understand diverse human perspectives. When in the Midwest, he sits on the Board of Directors and is a volunteer hospital magician at Open Heart Magic, a non-profit organization dedicated to using the therapeutic power of magic and laughter to energize and strengthen critically ill children in area hospitals.

Shea Gunther 
is an experienced entrepreneur, writer, and publisher who first became active in legal marijuana in 1998 when he started the first chapter of the activist group Students for Sensible Drug Policy. He is the owner and publisher of the popular podcast ‘Marijuana Today’ and spent five years reporting on daily legal marijuana news as host and curator of the ‘Marijuana Today Daily’ podcast. Shea has a deep background in entrepreneurialism, design, marketing, and communications and lives on a small new farm just outside of Portland, Maine.